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Unemployment Figures Chart.

Gillard and Abbott bet on Australia’s xenophobia

Julia Gillard’s pledge to put foreign workers at the back of the queue for Australian jobs is tapping into what Labor sources describe as the “economic patriotism” deeply embedded in the “battler” view…
Hawke Chart.

Labor wonders where the glory days went

Thirty years ago today, Bob Hawke’s government was elected. The former ACTU leader went on to become one of modern Australia’s best prime ministers. “Hawkie” won three more elections before Paul Keating…

Sydney’s west: Labor’s black hole

Next week the backroom boys from NSW Labor’s embattled Sussex Street HQ – or at least those dealing with the federal election – will relocate to Parramatta in Sydney’s west. The timing of the exit – pitched…

Gonski hangs in the balance amid the politicking

Julia Gillard has set an April deadline for a breakthrough with the states for a new schools funding system. She reiterated on Friday that “the big test” would come when she met the premiers then and declared…

Milne fights battle for Green relevance

Greens leader Christine Milne faces her existential moment at the coming election. Her predecessor Bob Brown took the Greens to their present high point - nine senators and the sole balance of power in…