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The habitats used throughout the halibut’s life and the movements between them are difficult to characterize. (Charlotte Gauthier)

How do halibut migrate? Clues are in their ear bones

Atlantic halibut are making a strong comeback in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. But how do we know where the fish move throughout their lives?
Archaeopteryx and Hesperornis should be on the lists of any dino bird watcher.

A brief guide to birdwatching in the age of dinosaurs

If you love learning about dinosaurs don’t let crowdpleasers like the T Rex distract you from the fascinating birdlife that once roamed the Earth.
A disabled young female macaque named Monmo at the Awajishima Monkey Center in Japan. (Sarah E. Turner)

Defying expectations, disabled Japanese macaques survive by adjusting their behaviours and receiving support

A community of macaques in Japan has a high rate of disabled individuals who survive with behavioural flexibility and maternal care. Globally, primate disabilities are often related to human causes.
Over the years, more obituaries have grown longer, providing more room to mention a person’s pets, hobbies and passions. (Shutterstock)

Remembered by our pets: More animals are getting a mention in obituaries

Writing an obituary is one of the many things people do when a loved one dies. And animals are more frequently mentioned in the obituaries of their human companions.

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