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The sheer scope of cyber vulnerabilities alone helps make a compelling case for national security concern. Don Hankins

Computer crime is on the rise

I received the same email five times in as many weeks informing me of an A$18.60 refund following a “billing error” with a “mobile phone provider”. Not a huge sum, but believable. I don’t have a mobile…
Whole genome sequencing can help identify the source of the antibiotic resistance. Shutterstock

Genomic analysis could help win the fight against superbugs

Some recent headlines from Australian newspapers: NSW hospitals worst place for Golden Staph; CA-MRSA - the killer in our midst; Superbug onslaught. By now, most people are aware that antibiotic-resistant…
If advice isn’t acted upon, is it good advice? kevincollins123

Bees, pesticides and … what are chief scientists for?

Without good advice, governments are in extreme danger of creating erroneous or damaging public policy. So it’s a serious matter when a government science adviser is accused of ignoring scientific evidence…
These young migrants and refugees could one day become leading scientists. Sean Perera

Wanted: Science champions

The Office of the Chief Scientist has released details of a new “visionary leader” role to champion science with education…
Chief Scientist Ian Chubb says more children should be taught the scientific method. AAP

Climate science is not about ‘belief’: Chief Scientist

Australia’s Chief Scientist Ian Chubb says teaching the scientific method to secondary school children could shift the discussion…

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