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If this detonation was a hydrogen bomb test, then it was likely less successful than the North Korean leadership may have hoped. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

North Korea tests again: the ritual of Korean Peninsula nuclear politics

North Korea remains committed to perfecting a deployable nuclear weapon capability. It is confident in the understanding that there appears little the international community can do to prevent it.
BBC presenter Quentin Willson fills up at Nottingham’s hydrogen station. Nottingham University

Hydrogen car progress hasn’t stalled yet

The promise that hydrogen cars would help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector has been with us for a couple of decades. Readers may well have wondered what, like hoverboards, has…
Without energy storage technology we’re leaving good energy blowing in the wind. Danny Lawson/PA

When the wind blows we must capture it for a calmer day

The handling of Britain’s energy strategy leaves much to be desired, subject as it is to short term politics over long term planning. We face a trilemma that stems from the opposing tension of climate…
It’s time to take solar transport fuels a lot more seriously. National Renewable Energy Lab

Here’s to hydrogen: Australia is missing the potential of solar fuels

Many times in human history governments have tried to write policies based around future technologies and missed identifying the transformational keys. In the 1970s, for example, few if any horizon-scanning…

Making hydrogen storage more efficient

A new molecule could allow for easier transportation of hydrogen, contributing to its viability as an alterative fuel source…

Photosynthesis-inspired device makes biofuel

Scientists have developed a tiny solar-powered device that can produce hydrogen biofuel. The device was developed using biomimicry…

Step towards creating hydrogen fuel

Researchers at the University of Oregon have developed a liquid material that stores hydrogen at room temperature and is…
Plants are expert photosynthesisers, but humans are catching up. Galactic Circus Diplodocus/Flickr

New global solar fuel project to improve on photosynthesis

Plants have been making fuel and food from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide for billions of years. Oil, coal, wood and natural gas can be called “old-photosynthesis” fuels. As the human population approaches…

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