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Paul Verhoeven tells tall stories in his debut Melbourne Fringe Show. Photo: Alan Moyle Photobat. Melbourne Fringe

The truth about Tell Me Lies at the Melbourne Fringe

We might assume the stories stand-up comedians tell us are true, or at least contain a grain of truth – something their partner said, their kids did. But of course they’re often personalising their stories…
Heard the one about turning it off and on again? Adam Ethan Crow

Geek laughs: Control Alt Delete at the Melbourne Fringe

Computers. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’d be hard pressed to find a person who has never experienced them in one way or another. They are part of our world, integrated into our lives through our phones and…
Mama Alto performs the songs of Sarah Vaughan at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Lauren Connely/Flickr

Mama Alto pays homage to Sarah Vaughan at the Melbourne Fringe

In their 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival performance Mama Alto and her musical director Tiffani Walton pay tribute to Sarah Vaughan, one of the great ladies of American song. Mama Alto charmed her audience…
George Rose’s light is one of the products on display at this year’s Fringe Furniture exhibition. Anna Lorenzetto

Fringe Furniture: the products that help us understand who we are

Every product is a blabbermouth; it has a tendency to answer every question – and then some - Del Coates. Coates, an American industrial designer and design academic, is right. The processes and outputs…
Jasmine Togo Brisby’s work is on display at Deadly Nui Art at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Kimba Thomson/Blak Dot Gallery

Melbourne Fringe review: DNA (Deadly Nui Art) at Blak Dot Gallery

On the wall hang three portraits of contemporary South Pacific Islanders, some with ships and all with duty stamps in the foreground. Skulls of sealed raw sugar glisten on a table. Bitter Sweet is the…

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