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Australia needs a tax on unhealthy foods that covers more than just fat content. Flickr/ms Tea

Is a ‘fat tax’ the answer to Australia’s obesity crisis?

Australia should follow the lead of Denmark and consider taxing foods high in saturated fats to curb the nation’s growing obesity problem, Greens leader Bob Brown said at yesterday’s tax forum. This week…
Higher maternal diet quality in the year before pregnancy was associated with lower risk for neural tube defects, the study found. Flickr/Aldo Risolvo

Eating well before pregnancy linked to lower birth defect risk

Women who stick to a healthy diet in the year before falling pregnant may be less likely to have a baby with birth defects…
Improving diet can improve mental health outcomes, the study found. Flickr/PinkStock Photos!

Poor diet linked to teen mental health problems

Adolescents who eat unhealthily are more likely to develop mental health problems than those with good diets, a new study…

All hail the humble, healthy potato

Researchers have found that a couple servings of potatoes a day reduces blood pressure almost as much as oatmeal without…
Support from the ‘fatosphere’ has inspired some to try things they would not have done before, such as take up swimming. Flickr/jooleeah_stahkey

Study finds fat acceptance blogs can improve health outcomes

“Fat acceptance” blogs urging overweight people to shed negative feelings about their body image can lead to healthier diet…

Doing your nut helps diabetes

Eating nuts helps control diabetes and prevents some consequences of the condition, according to University of Toronto researchers…
Living close to fast food outlets drives up junk food consumption, a US study found. But Australian researchers say that’s not necessarily the Antipodean experience. Fotopedia/Marius Mézerette

Fast food neighbourhoods linked to junk diet in the U.S.

Living near fast food outlets leads to higher consumption of junk foods but living close to supermarkets stocked with fruit…

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