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International law is clear on whether sexual consent is possible when civilians are faced with armed soldiers. Instagram/Furymovie

The rape scene in Brad Pitt’s Fury no-one is talking about

Brad Pitt says his new Oscar-tipped film Fury is “a real study in leadership and learning to command respect and because of this, I am now a better father”. But while many reviewers have commented on the…
Brendan Cowell’s new play The Sublime threatens to purge the word rape of its power – and that’s a dangerous move. Jeff Busby/MTC

We need language to shock: why The Sublime gets rape wrong

Here are two opposing definitions of rape. Rape: a violent, criminal act almost exclusively inflicted on women and girls by men. An ordeal of which the outcome is devastating, shaming, psychologically…
The law and your laptop: extreme porn legislation goes both too far and not far enough. Nelson Biago Jnr

Rape should be ‘extreme’ enough for English porn laws

Five years after the government enacted a controversial law criminalising the possession of extreme pornography, it is clear that the legislation is deeply flawed, not least because it fails to cover pornographic…
La Trobe University’s proposed budget cuts to its Arts Faculty and planned discontinuation of its Gender Program sparked student unrest in 2012. Channel 10 News

Women lost in the academy: why we need gender studies

In his response to the Steubenville rape case, musician Henry Rollins suggested that women’s studies should be incorporated into high school curricula. Rollins proposed that if young people were to understand…

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