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Acceleration and thermal energy are physics concepts that can be applied to stock car racing. Jon Feingersh/The Image Bank via Getty Images

Why US schools need to shake up the way they teach physics

Making physics more engaging means meeting students where they are, highlighting the ways in which it plays a role in their communities.
A man and a boy walk across the almost-dried river bed of the River Yamuna following hot weather in New Delhi, India, in May 2022. Northern India is again in the grips of an unprecedented heatwave. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

Here’s how climate social scientists are finding their way in the era of climate crisis

Focusing on despair is unhelpful and may even prevent climate action. Insights from climate social scientists can help navigate the doom and gloom.
Today’s undergraduates are plunged into a sea of texts, information and technology they have immense difficulty navigating, and artificial intelligence tools for writing aren’t the solution. (Piqsels)

Writing is a technology that restructures thought — and in an AI age, universities need to teach it more

Undergraduate writing courses are about learning to think, synthesize and judge the credibility of sources — and interact with an audience.

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