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Articles on Bicycle-sharing systems

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Cyclists can do more to be safer on the road

ABC’s Media Watch program on Monday asked the important question: Is bicycle bashing in the media putting cyclists at risk? As far as I know, so far there has been no published research that has looked…
Cycling in regional areas is not quite the paradise you see in tourism brochures. Image from

Improving cyclist safety in regional areas: a case study

Images that promote cycling in regional Victoria are often beautiful and enticing: smiling, happy people ride along scenic bike paths that meander through wide, open farmlands, dense bushland and along…
London bike share has proved more successful than schemes in Australia, but focusing on infrastructure could help improve sharing here. cat1788/Flickr

Fixing Australian bike share goes beyond helmet laws

Bike share programs in Melbourne and Brisbane were much heralded by the governments that installed them. But they’ve proved far less popular than schemes overseas. Is Australian bike share doomed? Since…
Ride2Work day makes a real difference in levels of cycling: let’s have it more often. Fernando de Sousa

Governments should get behind bikes, and not just one day a year

Australians are pretty enthusiastic about cycling for recreation. Cycling to work is another matter entirely. Arguably, cycle commuting is even more important than recreational riding: as well as the health…
Cycling infrastructure gets people on their bikes, and the economic benefits are legion. Janet Lackey

Bike lanes’ economic benefits go beyond jobs

You might have heard that bike lanes are a waste of money. The Australian National Audit Office recently investigated the $40 million bike path scheme, announced in 2009 as part of the Federal Government’s…
Legislation would have less real effect than better manners. Looking Glass

Bicycle registration is not the answer for bad behaviour

There’s nothing like a “bikes vs drivers” story to whip commentators into a frenzy, and this week’s stoush between Shane Warne and a Melbourne cyclist is no exception. Whenever this issue comes up, there…
Riding to work doesn’t have to involve lycra. Beyond Neon

Effortless cycling: how do we make riding a bike normal?

CYCLING IN AUSTRALIA: I’m living in the middle suburbs of Shanghai – a great cycling metropolis. Bike-riding rates are 30 to 40 times higher than Australian cities. Hardly anyone wears lycra or rides a…
Tucking your pants into your socks mightn’t be trendy, but cycling to work has a range of benefits. AAP/Joe Castro

Try cycling on Ride to Work Day … it might change your life

In July, Cadel Evans became the first Australian to win the most prestigious race in professional cycling: Le Tour de France. But what effect has Cadel’s victory had back home in Australia? Are more Australians…

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