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It’s the dawning of a new day for South Sudan, but there is much to be done. EPA/Paul Banks/Unmis

Happy birthday, South Sudan – your struggle isn’t over yet

When I arrived in South Sudan in November 2005, the scars of war were everywhere. Intermittent power came from generators, there was no clean drinking water, schools were little more than benches under…
Hosting part of the Square Kilometre Array is a victory for Africa, but much work is yet to be done. EPA/

Astronomy for Africa – the SKA will lead to ‘brain gain’

On Friday, we learned that South Africa and Australia/New Zealand will jointly host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope, rather than the facility going to just one of the bids. The split-site…
The East African Rift holds evidence of a continent under strain. dearanxiety/Flickr

Splitting Africa: what happens when a continent breaks apart?

Modern-day Africa was the keystone of Gondwana, the aggregated mass of southern continents that co-existed for nearly 400m years. That supercontinent has since split apart, creating the land masses we…
A Green Climate Fund could help African livestock farmers. International Livestock Research Institute

Planning the Green Climate Fund so it works for African farmers

DURBAN CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE: With a backdrop of global financial woes and the European Union’s debt crisis, the Conference of the Parties at Durban convened with lower expectations but high stakes…
Genetic estimates of the age of the common ancestor of non-African humans may be wrong. bruncosta

Out of Africa, only to die … new clues on early human migration

How and when did humans colonise the globe? This question has become one of the key concerns of archaeologists, geneticists and human biologists. And now the latest archaeological discovery in Oman in…
First step: address under-investment in agricultural research and development. AAP

How can CHOGM start a Green Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa?

CHOGM: As the leaders of Commonwealth nations meet in Perth, The Conversation is examining the role of the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) Meeting. Daniel Rodriguez from the University…
aapone libya unrest sirte gaddafi original.

Expert reactions to Gaddafi’s killing

Muammar Gaddafi’s 42-year-rule of Libya has come to an violent end in a manner reminiscent of the dispatch of Fascist Italy’s…
The humanitarian crisis in the Horn continues to escalate. EPA/DAI KUROKAWA

From fear to famine: the politics of hunger in the Horn of Africa

While droughts are caused by weather – the failure of the rains – famines are invariably political. The current famine in southern Somalia should have come as no surprise. Aid agencies have been warning…

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