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A study of green-rumped parrotlets found that adopted chicks use the names given to them by their foster parents, suggested naming is learned rather than hard-wired. Flickr/barloventomagico

What’s my name? How wild parrots identify their young

Wild parrots name their chicks by teaching them an individual sound to identify them, researchers have found. Humans and…
Crows remember faces they associate with stressful situations for up to five years. And they tell their friends. Flickr/

Never cross a crow - it will remember your face

Crows can remember human faces associated with stressful situations for up to five years and they’ll also warn their friends…
A study of blue-footed boobies found that while siblings bully each other badly in the nest, the youngsters grow into adults with normal levels of aggression. Flickr

Sibling bullying doesn’t cause lasting wimpiness

Harsh sibling bullying maybe tough to endure as a youngster but victims won’t necessarily grow into cowed and meek adults…
Would you like to take “ownership” of a black swan? Catherine Payne

Citizen scientists, the black swan needs you

You may have heard that a male black swan was widowed by rock-throwing children in Melbourne recently. The event caused ripples of public concern, but also revealed how little we know about these iconic…
Flocks falling from the sky can be the canaries in our environmental coalmine. AAP

Birdbrains cry aflockalypse as fish die and birds fall from sky

The year began with the news that thousands of birds had fallen out of the sky in Arkansas, and 100,000 drum fish were found dead in a river nearby. Soon the media began reporting more incidents all over…

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