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What has it done for you lately? Well, quite a lot actually. EPA

In defence of the European Convention on Human Rights

It is bitterly ironic that in this, the 800th anniversary year of Magna Carta, there are threats from the UK to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights. This convention is Europe’s own Magna…
William III’s ascent to the throne spurred the genesis of human rights. Wikimedia Commons

Calls for a new UK bill of rights forget the trailblazing original

David Cameron is riding into the 2015 election campaign with a promise to finally fulfil one of the Conservatives’ 2010 manifesto commitments: to repeal the 1998 Human Rights Act, restore the sovereignty…
Focus for discrimination: Roma people in France. Alain Bachellier

It’s time to take the human rights of Roma seriously

Two families in Ireland will have spent last weekend trying to forget the drama that engulfed their lives last week. Garda officers arrived on their doorsteps and took away young children on the spurious…
Ordinary rendition: Abu Qatada has been returned to Jordan to face trial. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Qatada saga has eroded our commitment to human rights

Abu Qatada was deported to Jordan from the UK in the early hours of Sunday morning to face terrorism charges. For the British home secretary, Theresa May, it was a triumph in the face of a judiciary which…

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