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A soldier with the 9th South African Infantry Battalion during a biennial training exercise with the US military in the Eastern Cape. US Army/ Taryn Hagerman

Money has little to do with why South Africa’s military is failing to do its job

One of the problems bedevilling South Africa’s army is being compelled to be everything to everybody. Its strategic direction is compromised by generals who pander to the whims of politicians.
The end game of Tony Abbott’s policy pitches is unknown, but in the interim they seem to be destabilising the party. Brendan Esposito/AAP

Liberal Party reform becomes the next proxy battle in Abbott versus Turnbull

For his own good, Malcolm Turnbull can’t get out of the country quickly enough. He’s off on Wednesday to the G20 in Germany and, if he has any sense, while he’s abroad he’ll try to avoid being drawn on…

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