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Who will deliver justice to the civilian victims of the Syrian conflict if not a properly constituted international court? EPA

US shift on ICC and Syria gives hope but sceptics right to be wary

The Obama administration has decided to back a push to have the International Criminal Court (ICC) open a formal, United Nations-sanctioned investigation into potential Syrian war crimes, according to…
India will be regarded more than ever with suspicion in the cricket world if proposed changes to the game’s governance are put in place. EPA/Jagadeesh NV

India, cricket and the politics of dominance

Just two years after the International Cricket Council (ICC) received wide-ranging recommendations for reform of its governance arrangements – which India promptly rejected – cricket’s global governing…
Famed correspondent Marie Colvin was killed while reporting the civil war in Syria last year. Should more protection be put in place for journalists in conflict zones? EPA/Ivor Prickett

Why is the media so quiet on protecting journalists and other civilians in warzones?

The news coming out of the ongoing conflict in Syria is tragic and, for many, too horrible to look at for long. While the reportage is appreciated, one can’t help but wonder whether it would be different…
Gender justice: women take more prominent roles on ICC than other courts. ICC-CPI

Justice for women depends on International Criminal Court

The African Union will hold a summit from October 11-13 to consider a mass withdrawal of the 34 African member states of the International Criminal Court (ICC). This would be in response to the trials…
Accused: Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto in the dock at the ICC this week. ICC-CPI

International Criminal Court is not just for hunting Africans

The first of what are arguably the two most important trials in the short history of the International Criminal Court (ICC) have begun. Kenya’s deputy president, William Ruto, stood in the dock this week…
Rape as a weapon of war needs to stop – but how can local and international communities help? EPA/Nicolas Postal

Rape as a weapon of war: what the law can do

During the chaos of war, rape is used by the powerful as a deliberate strategy to destroy any opposition. The law, seemingly, has little role to play. After all, during conflict the normal rules of law…
Gaddafi’s son may not get a fair trial in Libya. EPA/Mast Irham

Should Saif al-Islam Gaddafi be tried in Libya or the Hague?

The Government of Libya filed an application before the International Criminal Court earlier this month to challenge the admissibility of the cases against Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi’s son…
Workers building a stadium in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Questions linger about the process that saw Qatar granted the 2018 event. AAP/Fernando Bizerra Jr

Moneyball: why sporting organisations need to start playing by the rules

Rangers Football Club, the historically Protestant half of Glasgow’s “Old Firm” (the other half being the Catholic Celtic) has entered financial administration to prevent UK tax authorities installing…

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