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Does rush hour in London feel a little bit less crowded all of a sudden? JuliusKielaitis/Shutterstock

Why the UK labour market suddenly stopped growing

The drop in the number of people working reflects both more older people taking pensions and an underlying weakness in the economy.
Despite increases in education attainment, the educated youth in sub-Saharan Africa find that there are no jobs suited to their levels of education. Reuters/Afolabi Sotunde

When better education doesn’t lead to a better job

School enrolment rates in sub-Saharan Africa have increased markedly in recent years, but it is failing its newly educated young by not creating jobs commensurate with their education.
Tony’s Abbott’s pre-election jobs promise sounds impressive, but it’s actually under trend. AAP/Lukas Coch

Why Abbott’s two million jobs promise isn’t as good as it sounds

Creating more jobs is a rather common promise in politics. Some politicians are more daring in pledging to create a certain number of jobs within a given period of time. During the 2013 electoral campaign…

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