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It’s easy for uninhibited humans to elicit vocal responses from gibbons by imitating their song. Jerome Ludmann

Gibbon song may be music to the ears of human language students

Gibbons and humans have more in common than might immediately seem apparent. Among many behavioural traits shared by our two species is singing. Not just that – the songs of gibbons have the potential…
For the first time Mandarin has become the most widely spoken non-English language, as the number of Australians born overseas continues to rise. AAP/Sergio Dionisio

Ethnic diversity continues to rise as Christianity wanes

One in four Australians was born overseas, almost half have at least one parent who migrated here, and more are speaking…
Students learn Korean, one of four principal Asian languages being promoted in Australian schools. The others are Mandarin, Japanese and Indonesian. EPA/STR

$2bn needed to achieve Abbott’s language vision

Language experts have applauded Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s pledge to dramatically boost foreign language education, but warn that a financial investment of about $2 billion and a long-term commitment…
A British sense of superiority: Australia shows little interest in the Asia, despite its rapid rise. EPA/Made Nagi

Australia must overcome superiority complex to learn from rising Asia

There will be no more important piece of policy making this year than the White Paper on “Australia in the Asian Century” led by Ken Henry. It is a rare case of long-term thinking in government, of policy…
Analysing Anzac speech, slang and reading material gives us a better understanding of their experience. EPA/Tolga Bozoglu

From ‘Aussies’ to ‘Whizz-bangs’: the language of Anzac

Many place the Anzac legend at the heart of the Australian national identity. But some have rightly challenged this idea, opening up debate about why the Anzac story is so central to our national mythology…
Learning an Asian language will change how you think about the world. no_typographic_man

Want to get ahead this century? Learn an Asian language

AUSTRALIA IN THE ASIAN CENTURY – A series examining Australia’s role in the rapidly transforming Asian region. Delivered in partnership with the Australian government. Today, Dr Yuko Kinoshita looks at…
International students in Sydney demand greater equality and cultural tolerance. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Australian universities losing their appeal in ‘Asian century’

The “comprehensive failure” of Australian universities to engage with Asia is rapidly unravelling their appeal to the biggest…
Few have made such a significant contribution to political thought as Noam Chomsky. AAP/Tracy Nearmy

Chomsky, linguistics, politics and a response to an unfair allegation

Noam Chomsky’s political detractors typically resort to misrepresentation and vilification but one might expect a higher standard from academic colleagues, especially in his own discipline of linguistics…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Chinese Premier Hu Jintao. AAP

Learning to live in the Asian century

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the fifth part of our series, Kathe Kirby of the University of Melbourne examines whether our education system is preparing children for the future. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has…
Scientists need to do a better job of communicating with non-scientists. Brewbooks/Flickr

Forget what you’ve read, science can’t prove a thing

Do scientists have a language problem? Do policy makers have hearing issues? It would certainly seem so. Of late there have been frequent lamentations about scientists’ failure to make their case to the…

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