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From left to right: Dutch director Joris Ivens, Ernest Hemingway and Ludwig Renn, chief of staff in the International Brigades, in a photo taken at the beginning of 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. Cassowary Colorizations/Wikimedia Commons

Spanish Civil War: how the works of Ernest Hemingway and Robert Capa still define the conflict today

Well known foreign correspondents often put their own ideological spin on the Spanish Civil War.
While the mother’s face isn’t fully visible, the supportive arms encircling her child are. © Andrea Kaston Tange. All images are from the author’s private collection

‘Hidden mother’ photos don’t erase moms − rather, they reveal the labor and love that support the child

Mothers are smudged out and poorly cloaked beneath drapes in these 19th century portraits. But these photos are not so much relics of shoddy photography than an ode to childhood.
/imagine a photograph of a Thai woman, pregnant in a green and white dress with luggage at an airport departure terminal in Bangkok in 1974 with her eyes closed thinking about what happens next as she holds her hand out in a theatrical gesture. Sara Oscar

I had no photos of my mother’s pregnancy and migration, so I found a way for AI to help fill in the gaps

Since last year, I have been working on a project with my Thai mother who migrated to Australia in 1974 while pregnant with me. To fill in the archive, we’ve been looking towards AI.
Changes in light qualities during a solar eclipse are quick and drastic, so familiarity with aperture and shutter speed are important. People with cameras among viewers of a partial solar eclipse in Yanguan town, Haining City, China, in 2009. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

Photographing the eclipse? You’ll join a long history of people seeking proof of experience

Apart from technical aspects, a successful photograph of the eclipse serves as a lasting reminder of the sense of wonder and the feeling of being part of something larger than ourselves.

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