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Why do we usually sleep at night? What happens when we don’t sleep? Expert insights into this essential part of our lives

Sleep is an essential part of life. What happens when we don’t get enough sleep and how do we ensure that we do?
While that ‘extra’ hour of sunlight in the evenings can be exhilarating, it comes with significant health trade-offs. Anna Blazhuk/Moment via Getty Images

Could the days of ‘springing forward’ be numbered? A neurologist and sleep expert explains the downside to that borrowed hour of daylight

Americans have long been divided over adopting permanent standard versus permanent daylight saving time. But support for permanent standard time grew dramatically between 2021 and 2024.
Lack of sleep, or poor quality sleep, is one of the risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately, there are ways to improve sleep. (Shutterstock)

Better sleep is a protective factor against dementia

Sleep appears to play an essential role in a number of brain functions, such as memory. So good quality sleep could play a vital role in preventing dementia.
New research has opened windows of connections between the waking world and dreamers. Jorm Sangsorn via Shutterstock

As we dream, we can listen in on the waking world – podcast

Dream researcher Başak Türker explains how she was able to communicate with people while they were dreaming. Listen to The Conversation Weekly podcast.

Christmas drinks anyone? Why alcohol before bedtime leaves you awake at 3am, desperate for sleep

Here’s what’s going on in your body when you drink alcohol just before bedtime. And if you want to drink at the Christmas party, we have some tips on how to protect your sleep.

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