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Beating computers is hard, and it’s going to get harder. George Widman/AP

How to teach Deep Blue to play poker and deliver groceries

Deep Blue gained world-wide attention in 1997 when it defeated the then chess world champion Garry Kasparov. But playing chess was all that Deep Blue could do. Ask it to play another game, even a simpler…
“Re-warm ups” may boost performance in the subsequent minutes, the study showed. EPA/JUAN CARLOS HIDALGO

Half time warm-ups boost athletic performance

High-intensity, short duration warm up activities at half time intervals boost athletic performance, a study of soccer players…
Public interest can suffer when sports journalists look the wrong way. Natursports/

On scandal after scandal, sports journalists drop the ball

The year so far has been terrible for the reputation of sport. Lance Armstrong confessed (sort of) to Oprah; Europol discovered widespread match-fixing in European football; the Australian Crime Commission…
Doctors and sports scientists have to negotiate the goals of their employers with the expectations of their profession. Quinn Dombrowski

Embedded sports scientists and doctors walk an ethical tightrope

The Australian Crime Commission (ACC) findings about the actions of “specific coaches, sports scientists and high-performance staff” in condoning or orchestrating the administration of prohibited substances…
AAP/The Australian Customs Service

Not fun and games: organised crime and sport

The findings of the Australian Crime Commission’s (ACC) report Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport have come as a shock to many and become an enormous media story. Should we be surprised? Are these just…

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