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Axa Research Fund

The shared knowledge of the risks we face, is the basis of social protection mission of the AXA Group, a world leader in insurance. In 2007, the group created the AXA Research Fund, a unique global scientific philanthropy initiative, with 200 million euros until 2018.

The AXA Research Fund supports innovation through academic excellence research partnerships worldwide. It gives researchers the means and the freedom to carry out their work, allowing them to explore new avenues.

Scholarships are awarded on purely academic criteria, after a process of strict and transparent selection, via calls for applications and selection committees; this process is guaranteed by a Scientific Council composed mainly of scientists and chaired by Prof. Tom Kirkwood (Newcastle University, UK).

Beyond the financial support, the AXA Research Fund assists researchers in their outreach efforts, and inspires the professional network and communication to help scientists go further in sharing their knowledge with the general public.


Attract, select and support leading research projects on major risks facing our societies:

  • Environmental risks (Climate change, natural hazards, urbanization & resilience, energy transition…)
  • Life risks (Longevity, pandemics, medical innovation, healthcare systems…)
  • Socio-economic risks (macro-economics and financial risks, data privacy & cybersecurity, risky behaviors…)

Encourage supported researchers to feed the public debate, to help better manage or prevent risks:

  • By promoting the AXA fellows’ public engagement toward a broad audience and in the media, through a lively community management
  • By fostering scientific exchanges and knowledge sharing in society, to enlighten decision making on risk-related issues

Facts and Figures:

  • Created in 2007
  • 492 research projects supported
  • Researchers of 51 nationalities
  • In 33 countries
  • 149 M€ committed