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Does Alcoholics Anonymous actually work?

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous have been a mainstay of drug and alcohol treatment since the 1930s. But is there actually any evidence for their effectiveness?
New models of recovery schools are offering hope for kids with addiction. Rehabilitation sign image via

Explainer: how recovery high schools help kids with addiction

Teen drug abuse is a real problem with 46% of high school students hooked on some addictive substance. Recovery high schools are offering a new model of treatment.
AA’s Twelve Steps program emphasises spiritual awakening and is not at all medical. Nikhil/Flickr

Curing addiction: Twelve Steps or fixing the brain?

MEDICAL HISTORIES - The fourth instalment in our short series provides a brief overview of Alcoholics Anonymous and considers the reasons for its success. Alcoholics Anonymous provides a non-medical intervention…

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