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Living on a bridging visa is a form of migration limbo as the Department of Home Affairs does not disclose how long any individual case may take to process. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Most migrants on bridging visas aren’t ‘scammers’, they’re well within their rights

Associating all bridging visas with ‘scammers’ and ‘illegal migrants’ misses the bigger picture of the role bridging visas play in our changing immigration regime.
There are about 30,000 refugees in Australia, and just over 200 of them have been able to study at a university.

How people seeking asylum in Australia access higher education, and the enormous barriers they face

Federal government policies are the biggest barriers to people seeking asylum in accessing higher education in Australia.
The first group to arrive at Manus Island since facilities were reopened flew in on Wednesday. AAP/Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Four steps to more humane refugee processing

The latest announcements about boat-people involved heading further down the wrong track: a track marked out by the Howard government for political reasons, and sold to the public using dishonest rhetoric…
Chris Bowen’s new policy on bridging visas takes the Pacific Solution further in the wrong direction. AAP/Dean Lewins

Bridging visas send refugee policy further down the wrong track

It is clear enough that the Gillard government’s revived Pacific Solution has not stopped the boats: it has not even slowed them. In 2002, the boats stopped, some months after the Pacific Solution was…

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