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Remember this look? matheo

NHS must think like Google to make data project work

As the UK government wrangles with the sticky problem of how to make health records useful for research without compromising privacy, it might look to how Google has evolved for inspiration. Google was…
Pinpoint that sex offender or maybe your own past problems. heiwa4126

Even the innocent should worry about sex offender apps

The average citizen may not feel that they have anything to fear from the rise of apps that promise to identify sex offenders in their area but they are part of a worrying trend that should act as a warning…
Tim Kelsey doesn’t want you to worry about your data. Policy Exchange

FoI reveals cynical logic that compromises NHS data privacy

It’s crunch time for the UK government’s controversial scheme, which has been postponed for the second time. A new advisory panel is starting work this week to try to work out how to get this…
Good grief. Have you checked out the small print on this deal? Machine Project

Time for some truth about who is feeding off our NHS data

The UK government has decided to hold off on plans to upload GP records onto a central database for six months. But it may have to drop the plan permanently unless it can provide satisfactory answers to…
Making links is one thing, broken trust another. Indy Slug

Lack of trust, not privacy, underpins fears about

Jonathan Freedland is right to argue the value of linking health datasets for information and research purposes, as the NHS’s scheme plans to do with information for people living in England…
Can you ever be anonymous in your doctor’s surgery if your doctor isn’t? MTSOfan

Your NHS data is completely anonymous – until it isn’t

The debate about uploading nearly all data from UK medical practices to a national database continues to cause concern. Responding to fears that the information held in the database will put…

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