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The genome of the frui fly may hold the key to treating chronic pain. Fruit fly image via

Pain genes in mice and flies could help develop drugs for humans

Researchers have mapped the genes that control pain perception in fruit flies, mice, and potentially humans. The map consists…
Some of the techniques that form the armamentarium of myotherapy are supported by some positive evidence. o5com

Myotherapy: panacea or placebo?

PANACEA OR PLACEBO – A weekly series assessing the evidence behind complementary and alternative medicines. Myotherapy was developed by American Bonnie Prudden in the 1970s as a system of treating painful…
We don’t know why some people don’t recover from an acute episode of pain. Kennedy/Wikimedia Commons

Pain really is in the mind, but not in the way you think

Everybody hurts, but not everybody keeps hurting. The unlucky few who do end up on a downward spiral of economic, social and physical disadvantage. While we don’t know why some people don’t recover from…
Chronic pain occurs when nerve cells misfire and send faulty pain signals to the brain. pinkangelbabe

What causes chronic pain? Microglia might be to blame

Imagine that a soft touch or brush of the skin was enough to evoke excruciating pain. This experience is common among people who suffer with chronic pain from nerve damage. The causes are varied and include…
Laughing in a group releases endorphins that help us cope with pain, a study has found. Flickr/puck90

Pain 10% more bearable after laughing with friends

Laughing with friends for around 15 minutes boosts a person’s pain threshold by an average of 10%, an international study…
Identifying the gene that regulates chronic pain, such as back pain, could lead to new treatments. Flickr/Andreanna Moya Photography

Chronic pain gene identified

British researchers say they have identified the gene that controls chronic pain, opening the door to new drug therapies…
There aren’t any miracle cures but there are a number of treatments that can reduce its severity. Flickr/Algo

Monday’s medical myth: osteoarthritis can be ‘cured’

Switch on daytime television on any given day and you’d be forgiven for thinking there was a cure for the debilitating and dreaded condition, osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, there’s not. And that’s not…

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