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Shareholder activism is growing worldwide. Heino Kalis/Reuters

Australia is ripe for shareholder activism

Australia’s rules on how investors engage with companies, coupled with the clout of superannuation investor groups, means there’s potential for more shareholder activism.
CBA chairman David Turner blames the financial crisis for the bank’s financial planning saga. Paul Miller/AAP

Director’s duties: boards can’t just blame the GFC for their mistakes

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) is pushing for reforms allowing directors to rely on honest and reasonable conduct as a defence against company liability. The AICD believes this new…
Getting along: existing ABC board members should have input into new board selections. AAP/Alan Porritt

Why merit may not be best for new ABC, SBS boards

Who’d want to be a board member of the ABC or SBS? The federal budget wiped 1% from the broadcasters annual funding and confirmed the Australia Network will cease its service. It is vital the three soon-to-be-appointed…
Board members don’t always have all the answers. Richard Rutter/Flickr

Wise counsel or passing the buck? The role of board advisers

Many employees and investors in large companies believe organisational leaders overuse consultants. Witness the latest broadside at the embattled David Jones board, accused of appointing advisers to take…
Sixties style - Mad Men characters Roger Sterling and Don Draper still show men how it’s done in business and politics. AAP

Men at the helm – mad, bad and dangerous to know

Labor may have “ditched the witch”, but does the ejection of Julia Gillard from her seat of power close the book on the debate about sexism that she championed and the role of women in leadership? Our…
Boards will need to be ‘six-capital literate’ in order to assess performance, identify risks and develop strategy. Shutterstock

Integrated reporting to walk more than the bottom line

Paul Druckman, the CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), recently led the coalition’s global charge on corporate reporting changes to Australia, where he bolstered support and talked…
Bolstering services such as childcare will allow women to remain in the workforce and pursue ambitious career paths.

To reach the board, women need support to stay in the workforce

It’s accepted across the globe that women are under-represented in business leadership positions and that something should be done about it. To date, the focus has been on increasing the number of women…
Onwards and upwards: using quotas and targets could pave a leadership path for more women.

Targets and quotas: a two-pronged approach to increase board diversity

Despite great aspirations and considerable effort towards attaining more women in leadership, progress over the last 10 years has at best been slow, as a recent report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics…
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has spearheaded global push to increase women’s participation in public and corporate life. AAP

Confronting gender inequality beyond quotas

Pressure is mounting globally for women’s equal participation in corporate and public life. As of March 2012, women made up only 3.2% of presidents and chairmen and 13.7% of board seats in European companies…
Although the Centro ruling applied to a listed company, directors of not-for-profits should take notice. AAP

The lessons for not-for-profits in the Centro judgement

The flood of media coverage following the landmark Centro Properties Group findings has left directors from both the public and private sector concerned over an apparent increased level of expectation…
Centro Properties Group’s directors were found to have breached the Corporations Act. AAP

Will Centro’s mistakes prompt action across the board?

The Centro Properties Group ruling is one of the most significant judgments we have had in the areas of corporate law and corporate governance in a number of years. Federal Court Judge John Middleton ruled…

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