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People who exercise have a smaller risk of heart attacks despite larger salt intake. lululemon athletica/flickr

Sodium study should be taken with a large pinch of salt

A recent article has questioned received wisdom regarding the adverse impact of salt on health. Unfortunately, naïve researchers and journal editors looking to stir up a controversy are confusing this…
Restricting junk food is just one element in reducing obesity.

Pester power: why junk food ads and children shouldn’t mix

Junk food is one of the mainstays of food advertising to children, who form the key market for junk food advertisers. Some of the more concerning marketing tactics are the ones that play on children’s…
Some people benefit from salt restriction while others don’t.

Four seasons in one day: getting the right dose of salt

Ah, salt. We love its taste and yearn to use it liberally in our cooking. But we’re told to limit our salt consumption for the sake of our health. Much like a low cholesterol product, the low salt option…
New research links prolonged bottle feeding to obesity.

Children bottle-fed at two years are fatter at five: study

Children who are bottle-fed until the age of two are 30% more likely to be obese at five-and-a-half years of age, a new study has found. Of the 6750 children studied by researchers from Temple University…
Even modest weight loss can reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Anya Quinn

Preventing diabetes with the right diet

We’ve come a long way in our understanding of diabetes over the past few decades. Rather than cutting down on sugar, the prevention and management of diabetes hinges on weight control and a balanced diet…
People in the developing world are more likely to have lifestyle and infectious diseases. AAP

How to combat the deadly epidemic of lifestyle disease

On Sunday, China banned smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars and other indoor spaces. But a lack of public understanding about the dangers of smoking in the nation of 300 million smokers…
Compensating for missing tastes can throw diets out of whack.

A matter of taste: the problem with losing our fifth sense

If your child were diagnosed with a taste disorder, you’d be forgiven for welcoming an impending disinterest in sweets and salty chips. But for the one in ten Australian children who can’t perceive sweet…
Flavonoids in chocolate have a positive effect on mood and wellbeing.

Chocolate: tasty, addictive, sexy … and good for you

There is nothing like chocolate. When it comes to the hedonistic appeal of chocolate, the taste, texture, aroma and packaging are hard to beat. Australians eat an average of five to six kilograms of chocolate…
Obesity rates have fallen most in children from disadvantaged communities. Wyan Vota

Preschooler generation might be first to buck obesity trend

With one in four children obese or overweight, there is no shortage of bad news about Australia’s battle with obesity. But recently, a glimmer of hope has emerged. Between 1999 and 2007 the prevalence…
Buying up farmland in developing countries may be the only answer. ILRI/flickr

When the world starves, where will Australia get its food?

FOOD SECURITY - You don’t hear about it as much, but global food security is a major issue, probably of more concern than climate change. It is driven by increasing population, changes in diet, increasing…
Excessive weight gain in the early years can lead to health problems. AAP

Five ways to prevent early childhood obesity

No parent decides to make their child obese. Yet one in five children will be overweight or obese by the time they reach primary school. We now know that excessive weight gain actually begins much earlier…
Age-related changes in body weight may have a positive impact on mental health. keithload/Flickr

Take it easy fellas, old-age spread could make you healthier

Being overweight in childhood, adolescence or during adulthood has traditionally been thought to increase the long-term risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular events and some cancers as well as…
NGOs, public health associations and consumer organisations disagree with industry groups about the most useful system for labelling our foods.

Food industry digs in heels over traffic light labels

The fight over how to label our food has never been more intense. On one side of the argument we have public health associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and consumer groups looking for effective…
You can achieve a healthy weight gain during pregnancy by eating healthily and being physically active. TuttleTree

Why it’s a bad idea to eat for two during pregnancy

In the past, women have often been told they should eat for two during pregnancy. This old adage is not true anymore, especially if women are overweight or obese when starting their pregnancy. Restricting…

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