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Record terms of trade have masked dropping productivity growth - until now. AAP

Australia’s productivity: what can be done?

What is to be done about Australia’s deteriorating productivity performance? It’s by no means inconceivable that the answer to this question could be “nothing”. Historical precedent strongly suggests Australians…
Don Argus’s focus on industrial relations overlooks the real issues behind slowing productivity growth. AAP

Don Argus blames IR for productivity slump - but are other factors at work?

Former BHP Billiton Chairman Don Argus has blamed inflexible industrial relations laws for Australia’s lagging productivity, describing the Gillard Government’s economic reform agenda as “lazy”. Argus…
Calls by senior union figures Paul Howes and Dave Oliver for an inquiry into manufacturing have fallen on deaf ears. AAP

Does manufacturing have a future in Australia?

Does manufacturing have a future in Australia? This question has now been brought sharply into focus, as industry leaders and unions pressure the Federal Government to consider new measures to safeguard…
Out of the box: an export tax could be combined with the Federal Government proposed resources tax. AAP

A resources export tax could help save manufacturing

Australia’s lagging manufacturing sector faced thorough scrutiny last week, amid calls for more government support for local industries following BlueScope Steel’s $1 billion loss and its decision to sack…
BlueScope has fallen victim to a changing export market, high Australian dollar and gradual structural shift to free trade policies. AAP

‘Once upon a time, when Australia had a steel industry …’

Once upon a time, 30 years ago, when we still thought the steel industry was an endless and bottomless well for economic growth and employment, many of us also believed in industry policy, corporate responsibility…
Australia needs to further embrace advanced manufacturing. aap

Why Australia should take the manufacturing high road

Sometimes there’s nothing like timing to really hammer a point home. The day after manufacturing expert Dan Swinney, Chief executive of the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council, spoke in Victorian…
Manufacturers may be forced to accept profit margins will continue to narrow.

Explainer: What a strong Australian dollar actually means

The Australian dollar has been striking new post-float highs against the US dollar in recent weeks, and according to a number of prominent market economists could reach US$1.10 before the end of this year…

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