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Will the plethora of conflicting market signals be too much for news consumers to bear? Image sourced from

Ad blockers are here to stay, micropayments less so

Media consumers are spoilt for choice, making new revenue models difficult for publishers.
Pay wall or no pay wall? Students study at the Humboldt University Library in Berlin, one of the most advanced scientific libraries in Germany. Shutterstock

Open access is not free. Someone is doing the work. Someone is paying

Much of what’s being said in support of open access publishing misses one key point: that is there is always a value chain and costs are incurred. Someone somewhere is paying for open access.
When the printing presses stop rolling, digital subscriptions will not be enough to make up the revenue shortfall at Fairfax. Julian Smith/AAP

Fairfax has a plan, but it’s not the paywall

With digital subscriptions barely registering on the revenue front, media companies are staking their hopes on alternative revenue sources.
The New York Times launched its paywall in 2011 and in the most recent quarter claimed US$37.7 million in digital subscription revenue. Andre-Pierre/Flickr

Making sense of Fairfax’s paywall figures

Media companies are failing to deliver transparency about their digital subscriptions, as my recent study about paywalls found. The research of paywalls in eight countries found paid online content presents…
More newspapers are turning to paywalls, and while the number of readers falls, revenues often grow. Anne Petersen

Get out your wallets, paywalls are in

The Guardian’s Australian editor-in-chief Katharine Viner did what many media commentators fail to do, last week, and disentangled the crisis facing print newspapers from the state of journalism. Too often…
Twitter data showing an apparent drop in the number of Tweeps sharing Fairfax opinion articles is, in fact, explained by a change in the way the publisher names its URLs. AAP Image/Paul Miller

UPDATE: Fairfax responds to reported Twitter trend after pay wall introduced

UPDATE: Fairfax has responded to a column published on The Conversation – and an earlier version of this story – that linked the introduction of the publisher’s pay wall to an apparent slump in the number…
News Limited CEO Kim Williams has been forced to change tack on the online newspaper paywall model for the company’s metro mastheads. AAP/Joe Castro

The News Limited paywall dilemma: how to avoid competing against yourself

You could almost feel sorry for newspaper owners. The internet is smashing their hard copy advertising revenue and they have yet to work out how to make money out of their online editions. It is just over…
Fairfax chief Greg Hywood says The Guardian is not a competitive brand in Australia. AAP/Paul Miller

Fairfax delays paywall, dismisses threat from The Guardian

Fairfax chief executive Greg Hywood has dismissed the threat from the impending Australian launch of UK media group The Guardian, telling shareholders it is not a strong competitive brand in Australia…
“I think that the open access activists will win out”: world wide web creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

World wide web creator sees open access future for academic publishing

Activists pushing for free, open access to academic papers will eventually defeat publishers who seek to lock scholarly findings behind paywalls, the founder of the world wide web said today. Sir Tim Berners-Lee…
Newsrooms are undergoing major changes as the old print-digital divide crumbles. Flickr/andyp uk

Print, digital divide finally dead, says Fairfax

Fairfax reporters will be expected to file stories throughout the day into an internal “wire” that will hold copy for use on any platform - print, online, tablet, social media and mobile, under a blueprint…
Party With Paris … Fairfax broadsheets The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age present a decidedly more tabloid face online. Supplied

Fairfax must take ‘tabloid sites’ upmarket to survive

The radical shift by Fairfax Media to a digital-first model must be accompanied by a sharp improvement in the quality of journalism on its websites if the paywall plan is to succeed, media analysts agree…

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