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Articles on Precarious work

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Big video game companies often time the release of their most popular titles around the holidays, and that means Christmas shoppers can make an impact by reflecting on the games they buy. (Shutterstock)

Buying indie video games over the holidays can help make the industry more ethical and fair

Video game companies often time the release of their most popular titles for the holiday season. Now is the time to reflect on the political economy of video games and which games we buy.
If public health bodies and policymakers put greater focus on improving the work environment, it could achieve major gains in population health and reduce health inequities. (Shutterstock)

The impact of work on well-being: 6 factors that will affect the future of work and health inequalities

The work environment is a social determinant of health. However, work has been underused as a lever to address health inequalities.
Some reality TV stars like Bethany Frankel (above) have created lucrative careers after appearing on unscripted shows, but many don’t. Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

How unions could help reality TV cast and crew win better pay and working conditions

Reality TV workers may not need their own union but they could benefit from joining existing unions serving the creative industries.
House painter Emanuel Chisiya and other jobseekers wait for casual jobs work offers on the side of a road in Cape Town. EPA-EFE/Nic Bothma

Why formal employment is not a guaranteed path to social equality

Many formal sector jobs are increasingly precarious and poorly paid, meaning that formal work is not an avenue to greater social equality for many people.

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