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Men and boys, many dressed as women, attacking a turnpike gate in protest at charges at tollgates on public roads in west Wales. The Illustrated London News, 1843. World History Archive/Alamy

Why men in 19th century Wales dressed as women to protest taxation

The Rebecca riots saw Welsh farmers disguised as women destroy tollgates as a way of challenging what they believed was an oppressive taxation system.
Lawyer Lawrence Greenspon walks with Tamara Lich as they make their way to the courthouse on the first day of Lich’s trial for organizing the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Trials of Canadian, U.S. uprising organizers show the limits of protest rights

Ongoing criminal proceedings in Canada and the U.S. tied to high-profile uprisings must shed light on how large protests can avoid incurring the full wrath of the state.
‘While the teachers are detained, the classrooms will be closed,’ reads one artist’s painting on a wall. Khiaban Tribune via Instagram

Iran’s street art shows defiance, resistance and resilience

Iranian artists are showing renewed determination to promote freedom as a cultural necessity in Iran, even in the face of a government crackdown.
Lizi Rosenfeld, a Jewish woman, sits on a park bench bearing a sign that reads, ‘Only for Aryans,’ in August 1938 in Vienna. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum /Provenance: Leo Spitzer

How individual, ordinary Jews fought Nazi persecution − a new view of history

Finding the stories of individual Jews who fought the Nazis publicly and at great peril helped a scholar see history differently: that Jews were not passive. Instead, they actively fought the Nazis.
Tens of thousands of Israelis attend a massive protest against the government’s judicial overhaul plan on March 11, 2023, in Tel Aviv. Amir Levy/Getty Images

Israel’s democracy protests: What happens next?

What will happen in Israel after more than half a year of pro-democracy demonstrations against the conservative government’s judicial overhaul?
Performers in Aboriginal Moomba: Out of the Dark, in 1951. Produced by Bill Onus and Doug Nicholls of the Australian Aborigines’ League. State Library of Victoria

In 1951, corroboree dancers in Darwin went on strike: their actions would reverberate as far as Melbourne

Aboriginal people in 1951 framed cultural practice as labour and as a tool for advocacy for Aboriginal rights stretching across the continent.
Pro-resistance social media pages share photos of graffiti like this. Provided by Michaela Grancayova and Aliaksei Kazharski.

How protest movements use feminine images and social media to fight sexist ideologies of authoritarian regimes – podcast

From the Arab Spring to the Belarus Awakening and the ongoing Iranian protest Women, Life, Freedom, female-centered imagery and social media are battlegrounds of resistance and oppression.
Protestors march near the India Gate monument in New Delhi on May 23, demanding the resignation and arrest of the president of the wrestling federation for allegedly sexually harassing young athletes. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

Far-right Hindu nationalists are using digital propaganda to delegitimize India’s wrestler protests

Digitally altered images and other online propaganda are being used to silence marginalized voices and stifle protest movements.
Trans rights are under attack in the U.S. Here, Jamiyah Morrison, 19, of Riverdale, Md., left, has rainbow makeup touched up by Niaomi Moshier, 21, while attending Transgender Day of Visibility rally in March in Washington, D.C. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Listen: Trans scholar and activist explains why trans rights are under attack

This year, there are more than 400 active anti-trans bills across the U.S. What do things look like in Canada? Are we a safe haven or are we following those same trends?
The Israeli flag has become a contested symbol recently as both anti-government and far-right demonstrators use it to bolster their message. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov)

Anti-government protesters are reclaiming the Israeli flag from the far-right

The Israeli flag has long been associated with the country’s far-right, but anti-government protesters have recently begun using the flag to bolster and legitimize their movement.

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