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The earthquake has damaged many homes in Ijjoukak village, near Marrakech, Morocco. AP Photo/Mosa'ab Elshamy

Marrakech artisans – who have helped rebuild the Moroccan city before – are among those hit hard in the earthquake’s devastation

A scholar who has been working in Marrakech writes about the artisan communities, which have maintained the city’s architectural rich heritage for generations and have been hit hard by the earthquake.
‘For a peseta a drink you can dance all afternoon, even if you wear racket trousers, with a line-up of pretty girls’. Photograph by Contreras y Vilaseca illustrating a news item about dances in the magazine ‘Estampa’ of 31 July 1928. Hemeroteca Digital / BNE

Wild times in Madrid’s roaring 20s: how Spain’s youth partied hard before Franco took away their dance halls

Let’s take a walk around Madrid a hundred years ago and meet the discotheques, pubs and unrestrained dancing of the roaring twenties.
Left or right: that will be the choice of Spanish voters in the early general elections on July 23, which could see a far-right party enter government. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

Early elections in Spain: The socialists’ risky bet against the rising power of the right

If the conservatives win the election and Vox holds the balance of power, the far right will take part in a governmental coalition for the first time since the consolidation of Spanish democracy.
Proclamation of the Second Republic in Spain. Crowds with banners and flags. Archivo Baldomero y Aguayo, IPCE, Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte

The 1930s municipal elections that put an end to the monarchy in Spain

After the country’s municipal elections in May 2023, perceived as a plebiscite on the government, President Pedro Sánchez called for general elections.
Negro Elkha/Shutterstock

Does Spanish nationalism exist?

Spanish history recounts the existence of various peripheral nationalisms (Catalan and Basque), while, in many cases, the existence of a Spanish nationalism of Castilian origin is ignored.
Vinícius Júnior during the game between Valencia and Real Madrid which saw him receive racial abuse and a red card. Jose Miguel Fernandez/Alamy

Vinícius Júnior: La Liga and the Spanish media must both accept responsibility for the racism that shames football

The extent of the abuse suffered by Real Madrid’s Vinícius Júnior shows how enduringly unresponsive the country’s legal system, sporting officials and media have been.
Satellite image showing the lack of water in the Doñana National Park. Sentinel 2

Satellite images show that Spain is in danger of drying out one of the main wetlands in Europe

A recent study reveals that 59% of the ponds in Doñana have not been flooded since at least 2013. Water abstractions from the aquifer are one of the main reasons behind the demise of this iconic wetland.
Crowds of people next to the Cathedral of Santa María de Palma (Mallorca). Shutterstock

How much water does tourism consume in the Balearic Islands?

One out of every four litres of water used in the Balearic Archipelago is a result of tourism. In the municipalities with the highest number of tourist lodgings, related consumption exceeds 58%.

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