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The Shadow Whose Prey The Hunter Becomes turns the questions back on its audience: why are you sitting in this theatre? What do you hope will happen? Zan Wimberley/Back to Back Theatre

The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes review: Back to Back Theatre’s exciting reframing of disability

Bryoni Trezise considers questions at the core of Back To Back Theatre’s new work: why are we sitting in this theatre? What do we hope will happen? And who, really, are we?
Back to Back Theatre’s award-winning Ganesh versus the Third Reich opens at Carriageworks this week. Jeff Busby/Carriageworks

How Back to Back challenges the way we see actors with disabilities

This week, Back to Back Theatre’s 2012 production Ganesh versus the Third Reich will open at Sydney’s Carriageworks. The show has toured the world, winning awards and laudatory reviews in Montreal, Paris…
Super Discount reminds us theatre should seek to do more than merely entertain. Jeff Busby

Review: Super Discount by Back to Back Theatre

Super Discount – currently playing at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre – is the latest work by Geelong-based Back to Back Theatre company. The project launched to great critical acclaim at the Sydney Theatre…

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