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Do teachers still see teaching as their “life calling”? Newton/Flickr

Pyne’s Review Panel: Will it help improve teacher quality?

“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.” While Aristotle’s axiom is purposefully exaggerated for dramatic effect, modern research confirms that there is indeed an…
Does Australia need another education review? AAP

Minister Pyne announces… yet another education review

Australia has on average had one review of teacher education every year for the past 30 years. As I have noted previously: Each inquiry reaches much the same conclusions and makes much the same recommendations…
Education minister Christopher Pyne’s national curriculum review has the potential to erase the realities and lives of LGBT people and the discrimination they face from our classrooms. AAP/Stefan Postles

Australian schools must promote LGBT-inclusive education

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Kevin Donnelly, one of the men tasked with reviewing Australia’s national curriculum, had argued in a 2004 book that “many parents” think the “sexual practices…
A financially sustainable higher education sector is one that meets costs through a combination of user charges and government revenue. AAP/Paul Miller

Our expanded higher education sector is delivering, but who should pay for it?

Late last year, education minister Christopher Pyne announced a review of Australia’s demand-driven system (DDS) of higher education. Pyne wants to know if it is: Increasing participation (particularly…
Education Minister Christopher Pyne believes independent public schools are more efficient. AAP/Daniel Munoz

Independent public schools: a dangerous reform path

The Coalition has unveiled a A$70 million Independent Public Schools Fund to entice a quarter of Australian public schools to become independent by 2017. The initiative builds on its pre-election promise…
Christopher Pyne wants to purge the national curriculum of political ‘bias’, but the curriculum is nearly party-politics free. AAP/Dan Peled

A lesson for Christopher Pyne: kids hate political history

Announcing his review into the national curriculum late last week, education minister Christopher Pyne said that the government fears it has a partisan leaning towards leftist politics and doesn’t recognise…
Education minister Christopher Pyne has announced a review of the national curriculum, citing a need to remove its ‘partisan bias’. AAP/Alan Porritt

National curriculum the latest target of Coalition’s culture wars

Education minister Christopher Pyne has announced a sweeping review of Australia’s national curriculum to weed out a supposed “partisan bias” in what’s taught in Australia’s classrooms. Announcing the…
Education minister Christopher Pyne has vowed to cut red tape in the higher education sector. Shutterstock

The liberator Pyne to cut uni red tape

As Rousseau nearly said, universities are born free but are everywhere in chains. Education Minister Christopher Pyne promised earlier this week to be the great liberator, signalling that the Abbott government…
Tony Abbott’s government has lacked the assured certainty the Coalition showed in winning office. AAP/Stefan Postles

What’s going on with the Abbott government?

For every opposition, the prospect of taking office – attaining politics’ ultimate prize, often after years of hard grind – can be relied upon to drown out the little noises of self-doubt and self-criticism…
Education minister Chris Pyne says the Gonski model was addressing a problem that doesn’t really exist in Australian education: equity. AAP Image/ Nikki Short) NO ARCHIVING

FactCheck: is Australian education highly equitable?

“The OECD says that we are a high equity nation in terms of our students… I don’t believe there is an equity problem in Australia.” – Education Minister Christopher Pyne, Lateline interview, 26 November…
New education minister Christopher Pyne has effectively dumped the Gonski model of school funding. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Gonski is gone but can anything be salvaged?

Federal education minister Christopher Pyne has managed to upset the states and the education community with his declaration to “go back to the drawing board” on the Gonski funding scheme. Although Pyne’s…
Tony Abbott has softened his stance on gay marriage. AAP/Paul Miller

Abbott signals shift on gay marriage

Tony Abbott has made an important shift in the Liberal position on gay marriage. In another step on the road to a likely eventual change in the Australian law, Abbott now says the policy on the issue will…
Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne’s recent comments show his misunderstanding of curriculum. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

A history of misinformation: Pyne spreads curriculum myths

On the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night, Shadow Minister for Education Christopher Pyne was asked what the Liberal Party would do about the national (history) curriculum if they came to power. Pyne’s…

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