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Traffic jams in major African cities such as Lagos, pictured here, as well as Uganda’s Kampala, are a major drain on productivity. Reuters/Akintunde Akinleye

Why Kampala holds single biggest growth opportunity for Uganda

Kampala generates about 60% of Uganda’s GDP. In the coming decade urbanisation is the single largest opportunity to spur economic growth in the coming decade.
The rapid rise of connectivity is transforming the interactions between people and all the elements that make up a city. Rae Allen/flickr

A city thrives on connectedness but access all hours makes privacy a problem

City dwellers have better access to more information about the people and places around them than ever before, but it has never been more difficult to preserve privacy as a result.
A concerted drive to develop the technology sector has transformed Mauritius into a cyber island. Shutterstock

Better connectivity has economic spinoffs for Africa

Increased internet connectivity can spur economic growth throughout Africa. But the continent has a long way to go before it can reap any broadband dividend.
Despite increased connectivity, televisions have remained largely dumb. Shutterstock

Broadcast to Chromecast – is TV being recast or cast out?

There are several large quite expensive pieces of electronic equipment in my house and in most homes that are the site of a long overdue technological revolution. Despite being in the “Internet Age”, most…

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