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A modern rarity. Tulane Public Relations

No more excuses for the lack of women experts on air

Executives from four major news providers – BBC, ITN, Channel 4 and Sky – have pledged to try to improve the number of women interviewed as experts on their programmes; and this summer will be the test…
Julia Gillard and Helen Clark supposedly suffered from a problem with their leadership style - and so, it seems, does every other woman in a position of power. AAP/David Foote

Sex and power in New Zealand: stalled at the crossroads?

Historically, geographically, culturally – there are many points of comparison between Australia and its neighbour to the east, New Zealand. But there are notable differences. This week, The Conversation…
Female barristers have had to challenge the male-dominated professional norms of the Bar. AAP/Gillian Ballard

Australian women must hold their nerve until justice is served

Australian men and women in relatively equal numbers obtain undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in political science, law, medicine, business and economics. There is no shortage of women academics…
Hilary Mantel: unprecedented success, but not the whole story. Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Women’s prizes inspire some and wind others up – perfect

The Costa book awards shortlists have been announced and the one thing that dominates people’s first reactions has been the fact the fiction shortlist is made up entirely of women authors. Is the response…
An excerpt from Alison Bechdel’s comic strip, Dykes to Watch Out For (1985). Wikimedia

What the Bechdel test doesn’t tell us about women on film

Four cinemas in Sweden recently pledged to rate films based on whether they pass what is known as the “Bechdel test,” a means of evaluating gender bias in film, named after American graphic artist Alison…
Isolated, pigeonholed, marginalised: women in the UK press. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Hard evidence: is there still a gender bias in journalism?

EDITOR’S NOTE: A correction was made to this article after publication. It was claimed that there were no female political correspondents at the Daily Mail. There were, in fact, three political correspondents…
With only one woman in Abbott’s cabinet, is it time to question the validity of the ‘merit’ argument? EPA Image/Justin Lane

The myth of merit and unconscious bias

The presence of only one woman, albeit a high profile one, in Tony Abbott’s cabinet has prompted renewed calls for the introduction of quotas to ensure greater numbers of senior women in government. And…
In most of our workplaces and institutions there are subtle, cumulative, insidious judgements and responses that serve to reinforce the powerful status quo of leadership. Image sourced from

Is this the end of the gender wars?

Accounts in the media over the past week explain, or rather rationalise, the downfall of our first female Prime Minister. One-time feminist warrior Eva Cox found that Julia Gillard failed to communicate…
Women need to play a greater role at the top of Australia’s art institutions. Man in gallery image from

Why are so many arts organisations run by blokes?

One of my favourite paintings in the Art Gallery of New South Wales is Emanuel Phillips Fox’s Art Students. It’s particularly notable because all the Melbourne Art School students pictured are women. In…
Julia Gillard’s appearance is regularly commented on: is it just another way to talk about her gender? AAP/Alan Porritt

Gender bias: why appearance focus fuels sexism in media

Much has been written in the past few days about the legacy of the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, including many mentions of her hair. It is difficult to imagine similar attention being…

Gender impacts perception of research

Male and female communications graduate students show bias against studies completed against women, rating them lower than…
The public backslapping around the hiring of a pregnant Marissa Mayer as Yahoo’s CEO acknowledges this type of discrimination is alive and well. AAP

Marissa Mayer and the business case for hiring pregnant women

The public praise heaped upon the struggling Yahoo for hiring a pregnant Marissa Mayer as its new chief executive shows a covert acknowledgement that this form of bias against women remains alive and well…

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