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High costs can keep some patients from seeing a doctor until its too late. VILevi/Shutterstock

The Affordable Care Act is another way to ration health care

The Affordable Care Act has enabled millions of previously uninsured people to obtain health insurance at reasonably low rates and has fixed some of the most vexing – and unfair – peculiarities in the…
We now need to ask whether the government should subsidise private health insurance at all. AAP

Means testing passes but do we even need health insurance?

When the government finally succeeded in its third attempt to remove the 30% subsidy for high-income earners holding private health insurance, the opposition’s response was a promise to restore it should…
If the government wants to support private health, it should fund the system directly. Robin Thom

Means testing is a start but private health rebates should be scrapped

The government’s plan to means test the 30% private health insurance rebate faces an uncertain future after yesterday’s scheduled parliamentary debate was delayed. Under the scheme, singles with health…

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