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ANU Vice-Chancellor Ian Young and Chancellor Gareth Evans have called for student contributions to be deregulated so they can charge students higher fees to attend university. ANU

Enough muddling through: higher education needs a shake-up

And so the university fees debate starts again. Over the last few days, several university leaders have come out in favour of increasing fees to fund a better higher education system. A government commitment…
The distinction between public and private universities isn’t always black and white; should the government just fund everyone? Shutterstock

Should universities fear non-university providers?

The release of the Review of the Demand Driven Funding System by David Kemp and Andrew Norton has triggered significant interest in non-university higher education providers. The review recommended that…
The demand-driven system review commissioned by Education Minister Christopher Pyne says it should continue, but what it didn’t say was how we would pay for it. AAP

Review backs demand-driven model, but how will we pay for it?

The government has released its review on the success of the demand-driven system of higher education funding, implemented by the former Labor government. The demand-driven system uncapped Commonwealth…
The government should keep the demand-driven system of university funding, the review found, but what do the experts say? Shutterstock

Demand-driven system review: experts respond

The Federal Government has released a review into the demand-driven system of higher education funding implemented by the Labor government. The review, undertaken by David Kemp and Andrew Norton, largely…
Despite significant student loan debt, the government should continue the uncapped university funding system. Shutterstock

Demand driven university funding system should stay

The government commissioned review of the demand driven funding system of universities, undertaken by David Kemp and Andrew Norton has been released today. As many commentators speculated, it is broadly…
I’m doing a straw poll. How much would you pay? Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

Universities need more than a pledge to reduce student fees

I’m an unabashed political junkie. Who’s up, who’s down; who’s in, who’s out. Yet it’s fair to say that pretty much all the day-to-day policy spinning, posturing and firefighting rarely percolates outside…
Headaches ahead. Tired businessman image

New standards could make university finances appear at risk

Winning large research and capital grants could soon bring unwanted headaches for UK universities along with all the acclaim. From the next academic year, their accountants will be expected to adopt new…
Four years after mass protests, dreams of going to uni are dropping. Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Can we stop worrying about university application rates?

It was clear that recent fundamental changes to the way we pay for university in England would have longstanding ramifications for young people’s plans for their future. Two years into the new fee regime…
Give me a white coat any day. UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Is postgraduate study still just for the elite?

The funding climate for the public sector in England has been as inclement as the actual weather recently. So the government’s recent allocation of £50m to bring down the barriers for entry into postgraduate…
Laden with bad economics. thisisbossi

Why the government shouldn’t privatise the student loan book

The announcement that the government intends to sell off part of the student loan book is perhaps no surprise, but it is bad economics. Debt from student loans is currently a groaning £46.6 billion on…
We still don’t know what works when it comes to opening up universities.

Cuts to diversity spending are no great loss for universities

In his spending review, Chancellor George Osborne announced cuts to the universities budget, targeted mainly at funding used to encourage students from under-represented groups to apply for university…

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