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Is former Better Together leader right about consequences of income tax devolution? Chris Boland

Scottish income tax control needn’t raise UK borrowing costs

Alistair Darling, writing in the Financial Times, warned this week that the full devolution of income tax to Scotland would increase UK borrowing costs and expose Scotland to the destabilising ups and…
Better together. PA/PA Archive

US happy that democracy and union win the day in the UK

The average American may struggle with a keen understanding of exactly how the UK is made up, but it’s safe to say that there will be relief in the US at Scotland staying part of the Union. And, following…
Separating power is not so easy. Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

People must remain engaged in debate over future of Britain

The vote, in the end, was decisive, with the Better Together campaign winning with 55% of ballots cast. As a Glaswegian living in Southampton, I’ve watched from afar, saddened not to be in my home nation…
Jubilation: No supporters celebrate. Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

The UK survives as Scotland votes No to independence

In the end, Scots pulled back from the brink. After a referendum that saw support for independence start well behind in the polls, it grew over the long campaign. Dennis Canavan, former Labour MP who chaired…
Have the bookies got it right? Vol'turdu

Hard Evidence: #indyref – why the bookies expect No to win

The only question worth asking right now is, who’s going to win? Bookmakers’ odds should be fairly representative of movements in sentiment around the debate, so they can be a great guide to what is happening…
Look who’s back… Stefan Rousseau/PA

Gordon Brown’s political resurrection

In the last three weeks of the Scottish referendum campaign, Gordon Brown had already emerged as the galvanising force on the No side. This reached new heights on Wednesday in Glasgow when he made what…

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