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Minister of Finance Grant Robertson delivers his fifth Wellbeing Budget. Getty Images

For a no-frills New Zealand budget it was ‘surprisingly frilly’: 5 experts on Labour’s big pre-election calls

Incremental and pragmatic, New Zealand’s fifth Wellbeing Budget tries to balance cost-of-living support with huge long-term investment challenges – all without frightening the inflation horses.
Mississippi River flooding left parts of Davenport, Iowa, under water in May 2023. KC McGinnis/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

America’s aging flood control infrastructure is failing – federal funding is coming, but too often new construction relies on old data

Flood risks are rising, yet communities may spend millions of dollars in federal infrastructure funding on systems that aren’t built to handle them.
The construction of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway (KCJB) project in Padalarang, Indonesia’s West Java Province. Raisan Al Farisi/Antara Foto

Accidents on Chinese projects are rampant, but why does Indonesia’s economy still depend on China?

The Indonesian government needs to take worker safety on Chinese-backed projects seriously – otherwise it risks adding to worsening anti-China sentiment in Indonesia.
The federal government has a lot of cybersecurity resources, but the private sector plays a key role in national cyber defense. U.S. government

What is the National Cybersecurity Strategy? A cybersecurity expert explains what it is and what the Biden administration has changed

The new National Cybersecurity Strategy reiterates the government’s focus on resilient infrastructure and taking the offensive against hackers. But it also brings a fresh approach to the private sector.

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