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Zoologist Elizabeth Morrison receives the Jamaican giant galliwasp from Mike Rutherford, a curator at the University of Glasgow, on April 22, 2024. Jane Barlow/PA Images via Getty Images

Returning a 170-year-old preserved lizard to Jamaica is a step toward redressing colonial harms

Not all reparations involve money. Returning unique scientific resources is also a way of showing respect and righting past harms.
Future geologists may wonder how this cow (native to Eurasia) found itself in a California wildfire. BettyBop / Shutterstock

The fossils being formed today will show how humankind disrupted life on Earth

Such massive disruptions have in the past been caused by volcanoes or meteorites. Only humans have done this with full awareness of their actions.
A sunflower miner bee, a species considered vulnerable in Ontario. (Shutterstock)

Wild bees are under threat from domestic bees, invasive species, pathogens and climate change — but we can help

Wild bees face risks from domesticated bees, habitat loss, and climate change. Supporting bee diversity in Ontario is an important component of promoting a healthy environment.
Tardigrades have extraordinary survival skills. Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock

Could tardigrades have colonized the Moon?

Tardigrades are tiny animals known for their extraordinary survival skills, but are they tough enough to survive a space-probe crash and conditions on the Moon?

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