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Putting them in the naughty corner won’t help: most schools are going about dealing with students with learning difficulties in the wrong way. Shutterstock

The way schools cope with learning difficulties is doing more harm than good

We fail children who experience difficulty in school and with learning almost every day in Australia and in so many ways. These children can fall through a myriad of cracks: cracks that appear in some…
Learning disabilities may make life more of a challenge, but a diagnosis is not a life sentence. Shutterstock

Does my child have a learning disability?

For some children, despite having no known physical or mental disability, learning to read, write, spell, do maths, dress, throw and catch a ball, or organise themselves presents significant challenges…
What does it feel like when everyone in the class gets it, except for you? AAP

What is school like for a child with learning difficulties?

The term “learning difficulties” is the hand grenade of education. Throw the terminology around and teachers, students, parents and school community members react widely and, at times, wildly. Some individuals…
Parents often know best how to help their kids overcome barriers to learning. Olesia Bilkei/Shutterstock. Cognitive development photo

Changes to special needs education may shut out parents

How schools should support students with special educational needs and disabilities is a controversial area of research. Debates continue over whether certain conditions exist or not, or if they are “over…
New tech open avenues for dyslexic readers. thequietlibrary

E-readers prove easy on the eye for dyslexics

Using an e-reader may help some dyslexic students understand what they read more effectively, researchers at Harvard University argue. In a paper published in the journal PLOS One, the authors found that…
This little tyke is already hard at work studying. petitshoo

Language learning begins in the womb

Human foetuses begin to hear sounds outside the womb at about 27 weeks. But whether foetuses can learn from these sounds in ways that shape speech perception and development during infancy has remained…

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