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The ceremony for the beatification of Carlo Acutis, an Italian boy who died in 2006 of leukemia, is held Oct. 10 in front of the St. Francis Basilica in Assisi, Italy. AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia

An Italian teen is set to become the first millennial saint, but canonizing children is nothing new in the Catholic Church

Italian teenager Carlo Acutis, who died at the age of 15, is on the path to becoming a saint. A scholar explains the long history of child saints in the Catholic Church.
Many Muslim minorities in China, particularly the Uyghurs, are arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned. from

Explainer: who are the Uyghurs and why is the Chinese government detaining them?

The Uyghurs are a Muslim minority group living China’s Xinjiang region. It is now estimated over one million Uyghurs have been arrested and imprisoned in China’s vast network of “re-education” camps.
Police in Istanbul,Turkey disperse gay pride demonstrators with a water cannon in June 2015. AP Photo/Emrah Gurel

Most countries score an F on our LGBT human rights report card

Many in the US are celebrating LGBTQ rights for Gay Pride Month. But data show that most countries, including the US, need to do much more to protect sexual minorities.

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