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Is using a vast vocabulary such a good thing anyway? Candice Albach/ Raul Pacheco Vega

Shakespeare had fewer words, but doper rhymes, than rappers

New York-based data scientist and designer Matt Daniels recently noted Shakespeare’s much touted vast vocabulary and charted how many different words Shakespeare used in comparison to contemporary hip-hop…
What happens when the big stories of Shakespeare meet the big characters of prison? Benjamin Prindable Photography

Bard labour: doing time with the Shakespeare Prison Project

Since 2006, I have led the Shakespeare Prison Project, an initiative by the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble, in high-security men’s prisons. Three or four artists work with 12 to 20 prisoners over three…
Around the globe and back again. Pawel Libera

Shakespeare’s Globe: why the Bard travels so well

We’ve been celebrating Shakespeare’s 450th birthday week with fun, festivals, exhibitions, a cake competition – and the launch of an improbably epic tour of Hamlet from the Globe in London “to every country…
Did you get a card for the bard? Intrigue around Shakespeare the man continues unabated. Wikimedia Commons

To b-day, or not to b-day: what a piece of work is Shakespeare

In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the conspirator Cassius bitterly describes the position of Caesar in Rome. He says: … [H]e doth bestride the narrow world Like a colossus, and we petty men Walk…
Love and war collide onstage in Sport for Jove’s production of All’s Well That Ends Well. Seiya Taguchi/Sport for Jove

Review: love and war in All’s Well That Ends Well

Love is a battlefield. While Pat Benatar might have made this line her own in the 1980s, Shakespeare and his contemporaries were also familiar with the trope. Analogies between wooing and hunting were…
From Roman Forum to airport lounge, Roman Tragedies connects three Shakespearean tragedies in the one performance. Tony Lewis/Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival 2014 review: Roman Tragedies

Over six hours, three Shakespearean tragedies – Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra – are connected in an immensely ambitious production, Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s Roman Tragedies. Under Ivo…
How to best employ combinatorial optimisation for health and wellbeing … ay, there’s the rub! Central Sussex College

Shakespeare and cancer diagnoses: how bard can it be?

Shakespeare’s plays and cancer: two seemingly unrelated topics with an underlying common thread. The techniques that computational linguistics and computer scientists use to analyse the Bard’s works are…

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