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Eradicating TB across the globe by 2035, as the World Health Organisation hopes to do, will only take place if the global funding and will improves. Supplied

TB is treatable and curable: with the right will it can be eradicated

More than 1.5 million people die of tuberculosis across the world every year. Although testing and screening has improved and more drugs are available, it is not enough to conquer the scourge.
Barriers to migrants’ healthcare access must be lowered. US Navy

Marginalised and poor, migrants are TB’s primary victims

For many people in the UK, tuberculosis is a disease that’s been out of sight, out of mind for a number of years. Although it is low and middle-income countries that bear the burden of TB-related sickness…
Nearly 60% of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis’ global burden occurs in the Asia-Pacific region. DFAT Photo Library/ Flickr

Time to turn back the tide of drug-resistant tuberculosis

Tuberculosis, or consumption as it used to be known, sounds like a disease that we’ve managed to fight off for good. But a drug-resistant strain of the bacteria that causes it is making a comeback, and…
Bangladesh: a melting pot of past, present and future. Saud A Faisal

Women play key role improving health in Bangladesh

Despite low spending on health, a weak health system and widespread poverty, Bangladesh has achieved great strides in life expectancy, vaccination rates, TB control and a child’s chances of surviving past…
A Treaty Protection Zone allows Papua New Guinea inhabitants and Australian nationals to mix freely on the outer Torres Strait islands. Cam Pervan

Drug-resistant tuberculosis in PNG and Torres Strait islands

Most Australians hear only periodic news items about outbreaks of tuberculosis, but globally the disease remains a top killer. And the emergence of drug-resistant strains pose a major challenge to tuberculosis…

TB bacteria blocks immune cell production

The tuberculosis bacteria has a unique molecule on its surface that blocks a key part of the body’s defense. Research suggests…

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