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Brahman cattle fed a wide range of tropical grasses emit up to 30 per cent less methane than previously thought. Flickr

Get a whiff of this: northern cows emit less methane than first thought

Tropical grass-fed cattle in Australia’s north, which constitute half of the country’s beef industry, emit up to 30% less of the greenhouse gas methane than first thought, CSIRO scientists have found…
Eating an extra 100g per day of processed meat, such as salami, increases bowel cancer risk by 36%, according to the most extensive study ever on the topic. Flickr

Don’t bring home the bacon: study links deli meats to bowel cancer

Red meats and processed meats like bacon, salami and sausage are strongly associated with bowel cancer, according to the most authoritative study ever on the issue. The report by the World Cancer Research…
Sometimes it’s not easy to forget the link between meat and animals. Ariel Dovas

The meat paradox: how we can love some animals and eat others

Why do we feel sick at the thought of eating dog, but hungry at the thought of eating pig (bacon) with our eggs? Or how we can feel so outraged about whaling while continuing to enjoy fish and chips? Why…

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