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Austin College

Austin College is a private, residential, co-educational college dedicated to educating undergraduate students in the liberal arts and sciences. Also offered are select pre-professional programs and a graduate teacher education program. Founded by the Presbyterian Church in 1849, Austin College continues its relationship with the church. It is committed to a heritage that values personal growth, justice, community, and service. An Austin College education emphasizes academic excellence, intellectual and personal integrity, and participation in community life.


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Les électrons bougent et se réorganisent à des vitesses folles. Pour les observer, rendez-vous chez les attosecondes. Oselote/iStock via Getty Images

Nobel de physique : qu’est-ce qu’une attoseconde ?

En une attoseconde, soit une minuscule fraction de seconde, les électrons se réorganisent dans les molécules. Avec des pulses laser ultracourts, on peut les étudier - et obtenir le Nobel de physique 2023.
One potential way to make opioids less addictive is to make them target injured tissue rather than the healthy brain. PM Images/Photodisk via Getty Images

Designing less addictive opioids, through chemistry

While the COVID-19 pandemic raged on, the opioid epidemic got worse as drug overdose deaths soared. New research proposes a way to chemically modify opioids to reduce the risk of addiction.


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