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Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University (ACU) engages the Catholic Intellectual Tradition to bring a distinct perspective to higher education. We explore cultural, social, ethical and religious issues through the lens of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in our teaching, research and service.


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Heavy mercury contamination at Maya sites reveals a deep historic legacy

The Maya would have had to obtain mercury from far locations, transporting it by foot hundreds of kilometres across present-day Central America.

How do we make workplaces work for autistic people?

We see a lot about the challenges and limitations associated with autism – but less about the real strengths autistic people bring to the workplace. Here’s how to make workplaces more autism-friendly.
Le roi Viserys I Targaryen, dans House of the Dragon. HBO

Troubles mentaux, fausses couches et inceste : à l’instar de « House of the Dragon », les déboires des familles royales à travers l’histoire

Les maladies et afflictions physiques et mentales qui frappent les maisons régnantes de Westeros, dans la fiction, ont bien des points communs avec l’histoire réelle des monarchies européennes.


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