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Australian Institute of Business

Australian Institute of Business, known to many as AIB, is a registered higher education provider that has an array of high quality tertiary programmes for busy working adults, including Australia’s most popular MBA, The Agile MBA™ .

We may have 30 years of history and we are one of the most established private education institutions in Australia but we are future focused and dedicated to continuous improvement. We are the first private provider accredited to offer prestigious research degrees, including Master of Management, Master of Management (Research), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

AIB is a globally recognised institution that caters specifically to working adults. AIB higher education programmes are accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and internationally recognised.


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AI researchers think there is a 50% chance AI will outperform humans in all tasks in 45 years and that almost all current human jobs can be automated in 120 years. Shutterstock

Artificial intelligence may take your job, so political leaders need to start doing theirs

There is little evidence of any strategic planning by Australia's federal and state governments to deal with social dislocation caused by AI-driven automation.


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