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Australian National University

ANU was established, in 1946, to advance the cause of learning and research for the nation. It is consistently ranked among the world’s best universities and many ANU graduates go on to become leaders in government, industry, research and academia.


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Anyone expecting undying gratitude from scientists should think again. MacGeekGrl/Flickr

Undervalued, underfunded, undermined … how science fared in the budget

The post-budget political rhetoric to me reinforces the underlying, ongoing, disdain that this, and indeed many previous, governments have for science-related matters in Australia. Minister Carr is reported…
On a wing and a prayer for the budget? AAP

Worshipping the debt-free mantra of surplus

To understand the political uses of budget surpluses, we need to go back to the early 1980s when Australia and New Zealand governments self-imposed a fiscal straitjacket. They decided that running a surplus…
When people want timber but animals need trees, how do we compromise? AAP

Conservation vs communities: can’t we all get along?

In the developing world, there’s often a face-off between conservation needs and the needs of the community, with neither coming out all that well. Is it possible to “save more space for nature” without…
Fabiola Licinio (right) died from what is now a curable illness at the age of four. Julio Licinio

No one could save my little sister’s life, now medical research can

My life was entirely shaped by the successes and failures of medical research so, to me, it seems incomprehensible that there should even be a debate about the importance of funding medical research. My…
Joseph Stiglitz’s proposal for the US dollar overlooks political realities. AAP

Putting paid to Stiglitz’s US dollar speculation

Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz’s suggestion last month that the US dollar could be easily phased out as the de facto universal currency has some merit, but ultimately overlooks the political…
Could artists and scientists be enjoying a more fruitful union? Ben Stansall/AFP

Art and science: make love, not war

When art and science come together, the relationship tends to be uneven, and too often art becomes the unintended junior partner. As researchers working at the interface between art and science, we have…
End-of-life law is clear that treatment may be withdrawn when deemed futile. Kyrielle/flickr

When prolonging a life is cruel and unusual treatment

According to a recent report in the Canberra Times, Thomas Barry Moore, a former air force serviceman, has been in a persistent vegetative in a Chinese hospital for 118 days. He suffered a stroke on December…
This fellow’s onto something: trusts are used for tax avoidance. AAP

Shock! Hockey was right on taxing trusts

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey shocked the mainly conservative tax world when he told a gathering of accountants last week that consideration should be given to taxing trusts as companies. A day later he…
A phased approach will help resolve divisions around carbon pricing. AAP

Phased pricing model is our best shot at carbon consensus

Independent MP Tony Windsor was right in early March when he called for a debate on carbon pricing in Australia that is “a little bit more advanced than the word ‘lie’ and the word ‘tax’”. The quality…
The Tarkine is our largest cool temperate rainforest, but will that be enough to save it? Flickr/leonrw

Cynical politics condemns our national heritage

Once a place is heritage listed, it’s protected, right? Wrong. Politics and a flawed statutory regime are undermining the independence of the listing system, and threatening Australia’s national treasures…
A national biography should include all Australian experiences. AAP

Who deserves to be in the Australian Dictionary of Biography?

The Australia Dictionary of Biography has rightly been described as a national treasure. Established over 50 years ago, it has generated 18 volumes of over 11,500 biographies of notable and representative…
Protests have swept the Middle East in recent weeks. AAP

The Middle East revolutions: myths, realities and uncertainties

The protests that have swept the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt from power, and brought much of the region to a halt as massive crowds take to the streets to demand political change, have been spectacular…
Is the nuclear industry facing unfair criticism? AFP Photo/Don Emmert

Nuclear will survive, because it has to

Japan relies on nuclear power for about 30% of its electricity. It has few natural resources and imports large quantities of coal, gas and oil at an ever increasing cost. Some Japanese people are not in…
International co-operation is back in fashion, but for how long? AAP

UN Security Council’s Libya resolution is a fragile precedent

The Security Council’s Resolution authorising the use of ‘all necessary measures’ to protect Libyan civilians and civilian populated areas (number 1973, March 17) confirms the intention of the United States…
Polluting our atmosphere shouldn’t be free, for ethical reasons as well as economics. AAP

Ethics beats self-interest in carbon tax debate

The failure to adequately price carbon emissions allows the world’s affluent to impose serious climate-related costs upon its poor. But is this primarily an economic or an ethical issue? Despite fierce…


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