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Bard College

Bard College, founded in 1860 as St. Stephen’s College, is a private liberal arts college in Annandale-on-Hudson, a hamlet in Dutchess County, New York, in the town of Red Hook.

Building on a 150-year history as a competitive and innovative undergraduate institution, Bard College’s mission has expanded across the country, around the world, and to meet broader student needs.

Now, approximately 2,000 undergraduates study in Annandale and more than 200 graduate students study in Bard programs, plus nearly 1,000 students in our high schools and early colleges. Total enrolment for Bard College and its global affiliates is approximately 5,000 students.

The undergraduate program at our main campus in the Hudson River Valley of upstate New York retains a reputation for scholarly excellence and civic engagement. We are committed to enriching culture, public life, and democratic discourse by training tomorrow’s thought leaders.


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Kim Reynolds, gouverneure de l'Iowa, a signé un texte abrogeant certaines protections en matière de droit du travail des mineurs. Stephen Maturen / Getty Images via AFP

Aux États-Unis, de moins en moins de restrictions au travail des mineurs

Aux États-Unis, certains gouverneurs assouplissent depuis quelques mois les textes encadrant le travail des mineurs, allant parfois même à l'encontre des normes fédérales.
Para pengurai di tempat kerjanya: Jamur rak memakan batang kayu yang membusuk. (Craig Joiner/Loop Images/Universal Images Group melalui Getty Images)

Yang terlupakan: peran penting jamur menjadi penopang kehidupan di bumi

Jamur menopang kehidupan di Bumi, tetapi jauh lebih sedikit dikatalogkan dan dipahami. Tiga ilmuwan menyerukan untuk memasukkan jamur dalam strategi konservasi dan kebijakan lingkungan.
Decomposers at work: Shelf fungi feeding on a rotting log. Craig Joiner/Loop Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Beyond flora and fauna: Why it’s time to include fungi in global conservation goals

Fungi underpin life on Earth, but are far less well catalogued and understood than animals and plants. Three scientists call for including fungi in conservation strategies and environmental laws.
Evidence suggests that Muslim men in France have been disproportionately arrested and jailed for cannabis-related crimes since the drug became illegal in 1970. Francisco Osorio/flickr

French cannabis legalization debate ignores race, religion and the mass incarceration of Muslims

Muslims make up 9% of France’s population and half of all its prisoners – many convicted on drug charges. But social justice isn’t part of the country’s growing debate on legalization.
Cattle comes at a high cost, with or without a rosette. Andrew Milligan/PA

The true cost of cattle is much, much higher than you imagine

That eating beef is environmentally costly is by now widely appreciated. But little has been done to curtail the amount of cattle farmed for meat consumption. To try and address this, my colleagues and…


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